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Environmental Justice Links

Go to the following websites to find out more about

environmental justice and about the Hyde Park story!!

EPA’s Environmental Justice Strategy




 Find out about President Clinton’s executive order on environmental justice and what the federal

Government, especially the EPA, has been up to on that issue.

Augusta State

University Sociology Department



Learn more about the Hyde Park story!!!  This site contains photos taken by students and professors from Augusta State University’s Sociology Department.

Paine College

Program on Environmental Education & Research


Paine College in Augusta, Georgia has been very involved with the Hyde Park saga. Find out more about Hyde Park on their website.

The Urban





A project of Howard University, this site contains all kinds of information on

environmental justice as well as innovative community-based environmental justice programs.

EcoJustice Network






The EcoJustice Network provides information on environmental justice struggles across the country and shows ways that you can help!


Justice Resource Center



Welcome to the Environmental Justice Resource Center (Science Research Building) (Knowles Hall Annex) at Clark Atlanta University. Find out what Dr. Robert Bullard, one of the leaders of the environmental justice movement is doing.

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