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Updates, Spring 2003!



Hyde Park was one of 56 communities across the country to receive an EPA Brownfield Pilot Grant in 1999. The grant allows us to investigate toxins at the former Goldberg Brothers Scrap Metal yard. So far, investigations have revealed high levels of arsenic and other contaminants. The Georgia Environmental Protection Division stepped in and cleared the land. We are now securing a new tenant for this site.


In 2003, we were able to bring a number of community members to the annual Brownfield conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. Residents explained our project to people across the country and learned much more about the Brownfield program. Coming home, we applied for a supplemental Brownfield grant to investigate 2 additional sites as well as contamination in the community. The EPA approved the second part of our application and that project is now underway.     




For the fourth summer in a row, Arthur Smith escorted a number of youths from Hyde Park to the Black Youth Leadership Institute on St. Simon’s Island. The teens woke up each morning at 5 a.m. and after some vigorous calisthenics spent their days in leadership and environmental training workshops. The program was “uplifting, direct and focused,” says Smith.



Unfortunately, the lawsuit is still pending. We are awaiting a trial date.



Our neighborhood signs are up!! A local artist designed them, and now two beautiful and unique signs proudly proclaim that you are entering Hyde Park. We have also been approved to purchase three new computers to be located at the Mary Utley Community Center. Once the computers are in place, we will begin community computer training classes.